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Reasons to Hire an SSDI Lawyer

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Social Security disability is an important federal program that helps disabled people get the money they need to help them pay rent and utilities, buy groceries and otherwise take care of their financial needs. While the program is available for people of various physical or mental health disabilities, it is not easy to apply for or be accepted into. For this reason, it is important to hire an SSDI lawyer to help you.

It Isn’t Expensive

Many people avoid hiring an SSDI lawyer because they believe it will be expensive, but the opposite is true. In fact, the federal government regulates payment for SSDI attorneys. You pay little to no money down. Instead, the lawyer will take his or her fees from your back payment. Typically, he or she receives $6,000 or 25 percent of your back pay, whichever is less. If your case is not approved, you don’t have to pay.

They Understand the Process

The process to apply for SSDI is a complicated one with lots of forms and other documentation required to prove you truly have a disability. In some cases, it can be difficult to gather it all alone. A lawyer can help you fill out forms and obtain everything you need to prove your case.
While you can apply for SSDI on your own, it is not recommended. Most people who are approved have had an SSDI lawyer to help them fight for their rights. Contact Scholtens and Averitt, PLC to secure the expert assistance of a Social Security lawyer.

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